Remove the Ceiling

Remove the Ceiling - Leander

I'm guessing like me (and pretty much everyone), you have consciously or subconsciously limited your abilities and potential at various times. We all do it, especially when looking at people we deem successful. We say things like, "I don't have the risk tolerance to start my own thing" or "I don't know enough about XYZ to do what they do". Just as conveniently, we also blame outside factors such as "I don't have enough money to take the risk" or "I don't have enough time to go for what I REALLY want".


Want to liberate yourself? Believe it or not, it's easy. CHANGE how you communicate with yourself. I'm serious, change it NOW. Replace "I can't" with "I can". Stop talking to yourself about what can go wrong and start talking to yourself about what can go right. Once you do this, you will notice it also changes how you communicate with those around you. Other people will start to see the light and potential in you and if you believe, they will believe in you. Ever buy something from someone selling something they didn't believe in??? I didn't think so.


Not to go too dark before I land the plane on my first journal entry, but we are all headed to the same destination in life. Don't get there and regret that you didn't make the changes or take the chances you wanted to in life. Get the guy or girl you really want, love and be present for your kids, get the job/house/lifestyle you DESERVE. Become your future self TODAY, shoot your shot, REMOVE your ceiling and your potential will become limitless.

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