Quality Materials. Zero Compromise.

Our Materials

Materials that Last

We design products around the philosophy of absolute function. In short, our products work and they work well. To make that happen, we advocate for quality materials that will stand the test of time. Not just to be durable but to maintain their character as they age.

We choose materials with zero compromise in mind. Ensuring that our designs will not only get the job done but will look as good as you do when using them.

Organic Italian Leathers

We source our leathers from some of the most prestigious tanneries in the world. Bringing you incredible softness and proven quality.

Technical Trims

We design our products to be used everyday. That's why we chose the best materials for all weather, all conditions use. Waterproof zippers paired with our proprietary all weather leather leads to on hell of a daily carry bag. All topped off with all metal hardware.

All Metal Hardware

When you're designing products to last a lifetime, plastic hardware won't cut it. We use all metal hardware on our soft goods and everyday carry items for a guaranteed, zero compromise solution to everyday carry essentails.

All Weather Leather

Our proprietary, all weather, leather was designed to withstand everyday wear and the elements that come with it. Paired with technical trims to produce the ultimate solution to daily use items.

100% Natural Wood

We use a variety of wood species to build our home goods and workspace products. Then top that off with incredibly luxurious Italian leather, directly from Tuscany, Italy.

An Industry Standard

Much like your favorite sports duo connecting for the big win, Leander is a team of industry professionals, putting our heads together in pursuit of the ultimate daily products. Between us, we have tested, felt, sniffed, worn, sewn, and machined just about every material there is out there. Giving us an edge in selecting the best materials from the best sources around the world.

Our network is vast and we have access to some pretty incredible material suppliers. Our travels and work have connected us with factories both domestic and abroad. Giving us an unique opportunity to place designs in the best factory for the material or construction.