Elevate your space. Get organized.

The Valet Tray

An aesthetic solution for elevating your space and organizing your daily essentials.

Black Leather Valet Tray

Sale price$145.00

Enhance Your Space With Versatility

The Leander Valet Tray provides an aesthetic home for all of your essentials. It was design to be your minimal companion no matter where you prefer it. On your desk, it provides structure and organization to your most critical tools. In your entryway, it provides a soft landing spot for all of your daily items and looks attractive in your living space. Or on your nightstand as a place to rest your valuables while you rest.

Dimensions: Generously proportioned for all of your essential items. Place your phones, watches, pens, wallets, keys, tools, coins, and much more. All on a soft landing pad made of genuine leather.

Elegance in the Basics

We designed our workspace products to add elegance and form to your desk, entryway, or nightstand. Wherever you find space for The Valet Tray, we are confident it will elevate your space.

Inspired by Scandinavian design language, we chose natural materials and minimal features. Interesting enough to improve your space and subtle enough to not be distracting. Seamlessly dropping into place.

Uncover the Benefits of Organization

Natural materials, Generous spacing, and aesthetics that look at home anywhere you put it.